Who we are

Vacations on budget is a travel agency based in San Francisco, California. We specialize in selling affordable guided tours and prearranged travel services to selected destinations for individuals and small groups. We promote affordable tour packages that include: Hotels, Transfers, entrance fees and local tour guides – with high levels of customer service.

What We do

We plan trips completely based on your interests and schedules without breaking the bank.

These trips are one-of-a-kind experiences that are as unique as you are.

Our planned itineraries

We have a team of travel experts that can customize all tours, including skiing, surfing, honeymoons, cruises, etc.

Our expertise - knowledge and personal relationships

Allow us to design journeys that are adventurous, full of history with a touch of religion, or a perfect blend of both.

Our Historical Sites

Include walking where Jesus and Moses once walked, while also experiencing the buzzing culture of the Mediterranean.

 You can enjoy historical sites, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisines, welcoming locals, and much more.

About Our founder

Our founder, Darweash Haimour, got his degree in hospitality & room Division management back in 2001, then started his career in this industry. His experience started at the front desk and moved up to a director of sales and marketing in different hotels in Jordan over the course of 10 years. After that, he joined Jordan aviation as a flight attendant for about 5 years, then decided to join a major travel agency in Jordan as a group manager and charter coordinator, where he spent about 3 years. His intensive experience in the travel industry, and his vision is to invest his knowledge to provide people with great and affordable travel options. Vacations on Budget seeks to be your one-stop shop for traveling to Mediterranean region.